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  •   The GE200 Blood Glucose Monitor is as easy to use as it is innovative and accurate. Top 5 reasons why the GE200 is well suited for patients with diabetes 1) Large Backlit Screen – One of the largest screen sized on the market 2) Innovative Strip Design – Larger, thicker test strips help with dexterity issues 3) Accuracy – Code embossed on every strip and utilizes gold electrodes for increased stability 4) Price – offers both quality and accuracy at an affordable price 5) A Brand You Can Trust – Consistently ranks as one of the world’s leading corporations and most recognizable brands
  • The glucose test trips for the GE200 Blood Glucose Monitor are easy to handle and only require a tiny blood sample. Some of the features include the following:
    • Segregated blood sample port
    • Patented noble gold technology incorporating the latest in nano-technology
    • Large, easy to handle injection molded plastic strips
  • Sterile disposable lancets for home use. Compatible with the GD500 Lancing Device and compatible with other devices.
    • Protective cover also used for safe disposal
    • Sterilized by Gamma Radiation
    • Virtually painless sampling
    • Size: 30G
  • Some of the features include the following:
    • Proven accuracy
    • Large, injection molded test strips
    • Award winning design
    • No coding required
    • Simple one button operation
    • Energy-saving, auto-start & shut-off
    • 150 test memory with 7,14, 30, and 90-day averaging
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  • The GD500 is a reusable Lancing Device for home use that automatically injects and retracts a lancet, reducing pain and preventing contamination. Safe, flexible, and portable, the GD500 allows for testing from the finger, palm, and forearm because users can choose the setting most comfortable and effective for them.
  • Using patented noble metal technology while applying the latest in injection molded nano-technology allows Bionime Test Strips to deliver consistent, reliable, and accurate results.
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