Injection Supplies

  • Only one skin puncture every 3 days! Reduces your skin punctures and maintains your quality of life.
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  • Makes injections more convenient and comfortable

    Initially designed to help children and their families come to terms with diabetes, Insuflon virtually eliminates needle pain associated with daily injections and can increase therapy compliance. The flexible soft catheter is placed in the abdomen and can remain in place for up to one week. This greatly reduces the pain and discomfort of repeated injections.
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  • Safe. Innovative. Simple.

    No matter which type of SurgiLance required for your procedure, the same design features pertain:
    • SurgiLance is pre-cocked. There is a true ‘one-step’ procedure involved in preparing the lancet for use: Take off the cap! That’s it.
    • Needle is completely and automatically retracted after use. There is no possibility of post-use accidental sticks.
    • Available in 4 different models with alternative penetration depths to ensure optimal blood flow for different applications and skin types.
    • High-speed penetration minimizes pain.
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  • UltiCare insulin syringes offer the same important benefits as the leading brand, including an 8mm (5/16″) UltiComfort short needle on the 30 gauge syringe, convenient 10-pack poly bags and color-coded boxes for easy identification. Only they cost a lot less. All three needle syringe sizes are also available in 29 gauge format with a regular 12.7mm (1/2″) needle. Available in two needle sizes: Ulti-Fine 29 gauge and Ulti-Thin 30 gauge short needle (choice of 1cc, 0.5cc and 0.3cc).
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    • Silicone lubricated needle for more comfortable and near painless injections
    • Compatible with all insulin pens currently available in Canada
    • Up to 40% savings vs the other brands
    • Pen needles are latex free
    • We offer the best value for the money and guaranteed satisfaction.
    • Available in 5 popular sizes: 4, 5, 6, 8, and 12mm pen needles
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  • Pen needles with built in remover, plus Safety Click Technology holds used pen needle until it can be disposed in sharps container. Available in 33G 4mm and 32G 4mm.  100/box.
    • OptiFlow Technology - Designed for improved drug flow and low delivery force
    • Diamond Point Technology - Sharpened to perfection for lower penetration force
    • Low Glide Force - Electropolished and treated with advanced silicone for exceptional comfort
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