Blom-Singer® Post-Operative Care Kits

Blom-Singer® Post-Operative Care Kits

The Post-Operative Care Kits are designed to provide Post-Op Total Laryngectomy patients a transition to home care while addressing pulmonary and voicing rehabilitation.

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The Post-Operative Care Kits include the recently introduced StomaSoft Laryngectomy non-fenestrated Tube that will accept Blom-Singer EasyFlow or ClassicFlow HMEs.

All configurations come in a hard, easy-to-wipe-clean storage case and include a Marpac Tracheostomy Collar, Blom-Singer Shower Guard, mirror, LED flashlight and drawstring bag.

Each kit also includes information on how to receive our new Next Steps follow-up kit which has additional products and educational items.

Available in several configurations.  Contact us to find out more.

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Anatomical Illustrations

Total Laryngectomy Brochure

Heat & Mositure Exchange Adhesive Seal Tips

Baseplate Adhesive Seal Tips

22 Fr, Gel Cap Information Sheet