Medtronic Quick-set Infusion Set

Medtronic Quick-set Infusion Set

The Quick-set infusion set for 500 model insulin pumps and the Paradigm® family of insulin pumps offers the convenience of self-adhesive (no overtaping).

Available in two tubing lengths and two cannula lengths (6 or 9mm) and 4 tubing lengths (45cm, 60cm, 80cm, 110cm).

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  • 90° insertion angle
  • Two cannula lengths available:
    • 6mm: suitable for lean individuals
    • 9mm: suitable for most people
  • Needle guard for safe, risk free, disposal of introducer needle. Fits easily into a standard sharps disposal unit, is tiny with a low impact on the environment
  • At-site disconnection (quick release)
  • Re-usable insertion device for consistent and comfortable placement
  • Choice of 45cm (18 inch), 60cm (23 inch), 80cm (32 inch) and 110cm (43 inch) tubing lengths
  • Built-in venting system to help maintain the reliability of insulin delivery

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Insulin Infusion Set



Comparison Guide

Medtronic mio Medtronic Sure-T Medtronic Silhouette Medtronic Quick-set
Comfort Straight angle (90º), soft cannula (6 or 9mm) 29g very fine needles 29g very fine needles Straight angle (90º), soft cannula (6 or 9mm)
Ease of Use Integrated “all-in-one” infusion set and insertion device Manual insertion (no insertion tool) Controlled insertion with optional Sil-serter® insertion device Consistent insertion with optional Quick-serter® insertion device
Convenience Rigid packaging allows for easy transportation. At-site tubing disconnection. Tubing connector 4″ away allows for disconnection without touching infusion site At-site tubing disconnect At-site tubing disconnection
Safety Built-in venting mechanism and leak-proof seal Additional adhesive pad for extra security. Built-in venting mechanism and leak-proof seal Built-in venting mechanism and leak-proof seal Needle guard for safer disposal of introducer needle. Built-in venting mechanism and leak-proof seal
Other Features 3 color options to choose from (Blue, Pink, and Clear) Adjustable angle insertion allows you to choose the insertion angle and depth