Premium Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor with Office Mode

Premium Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor with Office Mode

A&D Médical’s Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM) is easy to use for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.  With a large LED screen, it can also be used as an Automated Office Blood Pressure (AOBP) monitor.

  • Clinically validated for accuracy (ISO 81060-2:2013)
  • Increase patient compliance with a comfortable, compact, and lightweight design
  • Filters out noise and irregularities to reduce erroneous readings
  • Activity, temperature, and air pressure features
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A&D Médical’s Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring system allows healthcare professionals to automatically monitor a patient’s blood pressure 24 hours a day.  ABPMs can be helpful in cases that may include the following:

  • White coat hypertension
  • Masked hypertension
  • Blood pressure changes overnight/during sleep
  • Fluctuations in BP throughout the day or during certain activities
  • Resistant hypertension, hypotension, medication management, and more.  

Premium Diagnostic Features

Environmental data can significantly impact blood pressure data, which is why the TM-2441 analyzes additional data using a multi-sensor, which can be combines with BP measurements to produce graphs to help you understand fluctuations in readings.

  • Activity: an embedded accelerometer measures user activity to create clarity and context when assessing ambulatory measurements
  • Ambient Temperature: captures the impact of air temperature with an internal thermometer 
  • Barometric Pressure: understand seasonal and weather impacts via barometric air pressure measurements

Office Mode

When the device is not being used as a 24 hour ambulatory monitor, it can do double duty as an automated office blood pressure monitor (OBPM).  This dual use maximizes value and improves ROI on the equipment.  The easy-to-read, large backlit display can be turned off during usage as an ABPM.

Increase Patient Compliance

While ABPM is considered a valuable medical standard of care, patients will need to wear or use the equipment as instructed.  A&D Médical created an ABPM with patient-focused design to increase compliance.

  • Weight: the ultralight design weighs a total of 6.6oz, including batteries
  • Compact: the small device can easily fit into a shirt of pants pocket, or it can be clipped to a belt loop 
  • Comfort: by decreasing the weight and size of the monitor, patients may feel more comfortable wearing the device.  Additionally, the soft, non-allergenic cuff comfortably wraps around the user’s arms.  We offer five sizes to choose from (extra-small to extra-large) to ensure the perfect fit.  
  • Quiet: features quiet inflation and operation so patients can sleep better at night

Trusted Accuracy

In addition to the third party clinical validation (ISO 81060-2:2013 standards), the TM-2441 makes it easy to get trusted, accurate blood pressure and pulse results in easy-to-read reports.  All the data can easily be saved in your patient’s electronic health record (EHR) or saved/printed as a PDF.  

  • Indicates Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) during measurement
  • Second by second pulse data to filter out noise and irregularities that may cause erroneous measurements
  • Ambulatory Analysis software provides graphical analysis, circadian rhythm analysis, morning surge analysis, and more.
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 81060-2:2013 standards


Did you know? ABPM equipment can pay for itself!  Ambulatory BP monitoring adds value to your practice and streamlines treatment, it can often be reimbursed by Medicare and other health insurance providers.  

A&D Médical also offers a 2-year warranty on ABPM devices.  

Interested in Learning More?

Read our whitepaper: Clinical Validation for Healthcare Professionals

See a complete list of our Clinical Validations by device.

Additional information

Product Type

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


A&D Medical




Technical Specifications

Measurement Method Oscillometric
Pressure Detection Method: Semiconductor pressure sensor
Display Range: 0 to 299 mmHg (299 mmHg or more is hidden)
Measurement Range Systolic Pressure: 60 to 280 mmHg
Diastolic Pressure: 30 to 160 mmHg
Pulse: 30 to 200 beats/minute
Measurement Accuracy Pressure: ±3 mmHg
Pulse: ±5%
Minimum Display Division Pressure: 1 mmHg
Pulse rate: 1 beat/minute
Interval OFF, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 120 minutes
Memory 600 measurements
Power Supply Two 1.5V batteries (LR6 or AA size) (Alkaline battery or Nickel metal hydride battery (Ni-MH) 1900 mAh/more)
Dimensions (Unit) Approx. 95 (L) x 66 (W) x 24.5 (H) mm
Unit Weight 135 g (excluding batteries)
Standard Warranty 2 years

System Preferences

Computer CPU 1GHz or higher processor
Memory 1GB or more (x86), 2GB or more (x64)
Operation System (Recommended) Windows 10 (x86/x64), Windows 8 (x86), Windows 7 (x86/x64)
SVGA (Recommended) 800 x 600 pixel or more
Disk CD drive (drive corresponding to enclosed media)
Hard Disk Available space of 16GB or more (x86), available space of 24FB (x64)

In the Box

Blood Pressure Monitor
CD Rom with DoctorPro 4 Software
USB Cable
Medium Cuff
Medium Cuff Cover (2)
Carrying Holder
Analysis Software
Activity Record Sheet (10)
Instruction Manual
Large Cuff
Large Cuff Cover (2)


Name Description Order Code
Small cuff (for left arm) Arm circumference: 15 to 22 cm 5.9” to 8.7” TM-CF202A
Medium cuff (for left arm) Arm circumference: 20 to 31 cm 7.8” to 12.2” TM-CF302A
Large cuff (for left arm) Arm circumference: 28 to 38 cm 11.0” to 15.0” TM-CF402A
Extra large cuff (for left arm) Arm circumference: 36 to 50 cm 14.2” to 19.7” TM-CF502A
Medium cuff (for right arm) Arm circumference: 20 to 31 cm 7.8” to 12.2” TM-CF802A
Disposable cuff 10 sheets TM-CF306A
Small cuff cover (for left arm) 10 sheets AX-133024667-S
Medium cuff cover (for left and right arm) Left arm: 10 sheets/ Right arm: 10 sheets AX-133024500-S / AX-133024353-S
Large cuff cover (for left arm) 10 sheets AX-133024663-S
Extra large cuff cover (for left arm) 10 sheets AX-133024503-S
Small cuff cloth (for left arm) 2 sheets AX-133025101-S
Medium cuff cloth (for left and right arm) Left arm: 2 sheets/ Right arm: 2 sheets AX-133024487-S / AX-133025104-S
Large cuff cloth (for left arm) 2 sheets AX-133025102-S
Extra large cloth (for left arm) 2 sheets AX-133025103-S
Activity record sheet 10 sheets AX-PP181-S
Rechargeable battery Ni-MH type, AA size, 2 pieces AS-3UTG-2BP
Clips 5 pieces AX-110B-20-S
Air hose adapter TM-CT200-110
Carrying holder AX-133025995
Belt AX-00U44189
Adapter to charge battery AS-NC-M58


Datasheet-ENG (TM-2440/TM-2441)

Datasheet-FR (TM-2440/TM-2441)

Quick Start Guide (TM-2440/TM2441)

Quick Start Guide-FR (TM-2440/TM-2441)


Protocol Result Citation
ISO Pass Kario, K., et. al. (2018). Validation of the TM-2441 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement Device According to the ISO 81060-2:2013 standard. Blood Pressure Monitoring (Vol. 00), pp. 1-4.
AAMI Pass, Recommended dabl Educational Trust
Highest and most current international standards Gold Hypertension Canada

Read more about Clinical Validation and see our validations by device.